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Mrs. Jyoti Singh is a Certified Parenting Coach. She is a proud mother, coach, avid blogger, Podcaster, Youtuber and a Story teller. Apart from being a Certified Parent Coach, Jyoti holds a Master’s degree in Human Relations. She believes that the first step towards helping children begins with parents’ education.

Astonished by the transformation she experienced with her son, she thought to share these methods with other parents. She is proudly serving society, enabling parents to be effective in their roles. She also believes student life is the most important and golden period of development and she is passionately working to help students to fulfil their dreams and give them wings to fly with her workshops. Her passion for empowering parents and students has lead her to establish  ‘Enlightened Parenting Hub‘ and ‘Inspiring Lives by Jyoti Singh‘.

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The Sign of Good Parenting is not a Child’s Behavior but the Parent’s Behavior.

Parenthood is a blessing. Children are like flowers. Let them bloom by showering them with your warm smiles, soft & gentle words falling on them like raindrops, and your art of confidence. You will be amazed to see your beautiful garden blooming.

 3 Greatest Gifts

As a Parent, three of the Greatest Gifts you can give your Child are :


It’s the foundation of a child’s well-being and the key to success as an adult.


When you spend time with your children, you are fostering an environment for open communication.


Respect your child and yourself to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Parenting FAQs

  • A parent coach is a certified professional who helps you to raise your child with good Moral values, Love and Compassion.
  • A parent coach will guide you in handling parental anxiety, children’s tantrums, yelling, discipline, homework challenges, nagging, and disrespectful behavior.
  • A parent coach is not a therapist.
  • Understand the roots of inappropriate behavior in the children.
  • Establish Loving Environment in your home.
  • Build an atmosphere of harmony rather than criticism.
  • Learn how to proactively resolve problems when it comes to unwanted behavior in your children.
  • Parenting without bribes or rewards.
  • Sibling rivalry: jealousy/competition/fighting.
  • How to address and implement discipline.
  • Handling kids in the Digital Era.
  • How to efficiently resolve the Struggle Over School Home Work in kids.
  • How to make a child self-reliant?
  • You can book the appointments via website. Each appointment will last for 45 min.
  • The appointments are via Skype.
  • The next appointments are typically scheduled 10 to 14 days apart to give you time to use the methods we have discussed, although you can request more appointments if you feel it is necessary.


Helped me in becoming more patient!

I really want to thank Jyoti for always spreading so positive thoughts in our lives. She helped us becoming more patient, developing more trust respect towards child and mitigating the gaps between a parent child relationship. This helps creating a strong bond with our child.. Each day starts with her thoughtful message. Thank you Jyoti for being with us in our parenting journey..

Pooja Katiyar
Delhi, India

Our Children don’t want Perfect Parents but Parents that Love!

I can write the whole book sharing my journey since I joined Enlightened Parenting Hub WhatsApp group. First thing I can tell you is that I am now understanding that we are all growing as our kids grow as well. Learning that our children don’t want perfect parents but parents that love, understand and give full attention to everything that they are learning and go through in life. I used to be frustrated especially when my kids are not doing what I ask them to do, until I understand how to communicate with them. Believe me when I tell you that I haven’t even make one on one session, I learned everything through daily messages that Jyoti send in WhatsApp group. I even shared to my WhatsApp group and my friends and family love the messages, some of them are even joined the group. We are learning from our kids while they learn and do everything we do around, let’s be careful of what we say or do in front of our children. Thank you so much Jyoti for this powerful and valuable experience.

Palesa Phantsi
South Africa, Cape Town

Helped me in understanding & dealing with a tiny little version of myself!

Enlightened Parenting Hub has helped me a lot in understanding my duties as parents and how to deal with tiny little version of myself. I would specially thanks Jyoti for teaching me various valuable techniques to incorporate values in my kids life and making him better person.

– Twinkle Shah

Sydney, Australia

Pretty happy to see my son getting affectionate towards his younger sister!

I was so overwhelmed when my elder Son (6 years old) felt extremely insecure after his sister was born. He started showing undesirable behavior toward the baby and us. After consulting with Jyoti and following her action plan has helped me build strong connection with my Son & be a guilt-free Mother. Those are easy & excellent tips for sibling bonding . I can proudly say that I have seen so much improvement, and he is now a truly caring brother! As she suggested, spend one-on-one time with each kid, they must know that they are loved and not left out. Thanks again!

Ritu Panchal
Mumbai, India

The Power of Words – How a Parents Words impact Child’s Life

The school would like to take the opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to you for your valuable presentation in the webinar on “The Power of Words – How a Parents Words impact Child’s Life” on the occasion of Nation Parents Day- 2021, organized by Jyoti Vidyapeeth Sr. Sec. School, Bagar.

The parents of our students highly appreciated your Skill in talking about the subject, and the slide share was insightful. We have also received numerous posts and feedback on this online conference.

Chiranji Lal Saini
Manager - JVP School

She is Positively Impacting in the Parenting Domain

We at Caresy had an amazing event with Mrs. Jyoti Singh on Mother’s Day (8th May 2021). Jyoti has profound insights on parenting, and she is passionate about helping young mothers by sharing her knowledge. I truly appreciate the efforts that she’s putting in to bring an impact in the parenting domain.

Akash Hirani

Got more insights in child development

Jyoti has an innovative approach to the entire concept of parenting. She has profound knowledge of child development and rearing practices. Working with her gave me more insights in child development. I look forward to working with her again in the future. Cheers to your future, Jyoti!

Shivani Keny
Counselling Psychologist

Parenting is not just taking care of your children. It's more of crafting their future. Ask yourself, who you are, just a Caretaker or a Crafter.

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