We often neglect our kids while designing our life plans and dreams. My mentor Sahil Sahore sir
guided me to share my dreams and goals with my husband and son because it is easier to
accomplish the dreams when your loved ones are with you.  
I followed his advice, and we shortlisted trip to Paris, BMW X6 as our future car & many more things. My Son (Kiyansh) was super excited about the car. 
Last week, I asked him to finish his school homework. I was elated to see that in the Mode of
transport he has mentioned – BMW X6.

Parenting and Dreams.

Pursuits in life do not have to fade when parenthood arrives. 
The first step to pursuing your dream life as a parent is to accept that it’s okay to have dreams.
Most people change themselves when they have kids. They start believing that their kid’s wants and desires must always come first, and they prioritize their kid’s needs by overseeing their dreams
and ambitions.
And while I believe it’s true that we must, as parents, pay close attention to and nurture our
children’s desires, we must also continue to pursue our dreams and talents.
Here are five ways how you can start living your dream.

1. Don’t sink into guilt.

Guilt is the silent epidemic that most parents carry with them. If a child misbehaves or he’s out of
control, parents blame themselves for the behaviour. They feel guilty and ashamed most of the
time, and it’s the worst feeling in the world.
Parents feel guilty if they take time for themselves when it could be quality time with the kids.
Self-care is an essential part of Parenting. But too many parents have grown to believe that they
must sacrifice for their children. For those parents, let me remind you that the best gift you can
give to your child is to take care of yourself.

2. Make time for your Dreams.

We get so caught up in Parenting, careers and family life that we suppress our dreams. However,
it doesn’t have to be that way. You can look at the number of success stories of people who have
done it against the odds. The first and biggest barrier to achieving your dream is YOU. Start
making time for yourself because YOUR Dreams Matter.

3. Put your Dreams on Paper.

When you write down your goals and dreams, your motivation to achieve them increases. One of
the primary reasons you’ll experience increased motivation is self-accountability. And self-
accountability happens the moment you commit on paper your plan to reach a goal.

4. Involve your spouse and kids when you plan your goals to achieve your dreams.

My mentor Sahil Sahore sir has guided me to conduct Bedroom Meetings, and he has asked
everyone to pen down their dreams. I followed his instructions and penned down my life plans
with my husband & son. My little son is always excited about convertible cars and told us,
“Mummy and Daddy will buy a convertible car” Soon, we shortlisted BMW X6 in our Vision

I can see my son supporting me in my work plans as he wants us to buy BMW X6. Parents often
neglect their kids in planning, but they become pillars in our lives when we involve them in our

5. Fly high together.

Pursuing your dreams may inspire your young ones to have the confidence and courage to pursue
their dreams. Being excited, motivated and doing what you love can inspire your children. When
you trust your wings, your kids will also fly high.

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