Parenthood Is Not A Responsibility. It’s An Art, Let’s Learn It.

  • Are you tired of getting kids to listen to you?
  • Are you struggling to fill your child’s attention and make a connection?
  • Are constant struggles with your child deliberately tests your limits?

Enrich Your Parenting Journey

From Cluelessness to Enlightened Parenting

30 Minutes Live Session

Through my parent coaching services, I’ll help you overcome the challenges and connect you with your child.

No matter how many parenting books you have read, videos you have watched, it is still hard to navigate your way to a more content, peaceful, and happy life as a parent.

The reason behind this is that every child is unique and has a different environment.

Is this the Reality of your life?

  • You forget to take care of yourself after becoming a Parent
  • Your children don’t listen to you, and you feel disrespected.
  • You tried yelling & punishing your child, which you know is not practical, but you have no idea what else to do.
  • You are feeling disconnected with your children.

Not knowing how to get THROUGH to them!

NO WORRIES!!! You are at the right place. Don’t miss our One-on-One Free Session.

I can help you find that positive parenthood role and get back on track to taking care of yourself & your family and moving life forward.

Remember that when a Child is Born, a PARENT is also Born.

So, you’re not alone in this journey. I can help you to create an atmosphere of Affection & Respect in your home!

Are you ready to take charge of your parenting journey?

First, Rediscover Yourself and embrace the loving relationship with your child.

Then imagine your life a few months from now…

  • From Yeller Parent to Peaceful & Mindful Parent
  • From Shifting the Guilt to Empowered Parent.
  • From being Overwhelmed to Organized Parent.
  • Stop controlling and start coaching your kids.
  • From Challenges to Enjoying parenthood more.

Jyoti Singh

Founder- Enlightened Parenting Hub 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 | Certified Parenting Coach | Motivational Speaker 🎙 | Story teller | You Tuber | Iconic Women of Courage, 2022 🥇| CBT therapists 🧠

Parenting Coach

Hi, I am Jyoti Singh. Founder of “Enlightened Parenting Hub”, mother of a growing son, and “Philomath.”

Even I was in your shoes! Before I learned how to get my son to listen, I used to get clueless & yell myself loud nearly every day. Like you, I never imagined I would turn into a commanding Parent… but I was feeling trapped every time,
Sometimes, I was kind to my son, and other times yelling, frustrated, feeling helpless, and struggling to understand why I can’t handle this?

Before going to sleep, I would regret my behavior and hold the guilt inside my heart for being harsh to my little soul. It was very much disheartening to see my other side. 

Sound familiar? I’m sure you can relate.

After my learning, I understood the power of Positive Parenting strategies. I realized why yelling, nagging, and threatening don’t work as a parenting strategy. Parenting is one of the most significant roles in which a child can have a lasting impact.

What I learned completely changed my family, and it can change yours, too. Connect with me to gain practical skills to communicate with your children, creating a more mindful, satisfying relationship.


“We at Caresy had an amazing event with Mrs. Jyoti Singh on Mother’s Day (8th May 2021). Jyoti has profound insights on parenting, and she is passionate about helping young mothers by sharing her knowledge. I truly appreciate the efforts that she’s putting in to bring an impact in the parenting domain.”
Akash Hirani
Jyoti has an innovative approach to the entire concept of parenting. She has profound knowledge of child development and rearing practices. Working with her gave me more insights in child development. I look forward to working with her again in the future. Cheers to your future, Jyoti! 
Shivani Keny 
Counselling Psychologist 

Get Ready to make Mindful Connection with your Child.

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Get Ready to make Mindful Connection with your Child.