Parents are the only ones who can build the foundation of their child’s life. They are responsible for ensuring that their child can achieve success in whatever they will be doing in their lives a few years down the line. As we know, many mending has to be done in childhood to shape their future.

The best gifts for children are intangible, though substantial; they cost nothing in material terms but value more incredible than any treasure. There are four gifts every child should receive:

Gift of Respect: 

Parents should respect their children because that’s how the child will learn to respect themselves.

Take the time to give the gift of respect today to your child. Kids should be encouraged to share their views on various discussions at home. When a family spends their time together, it is crucial to consider and respect a kid’s viewpoint so that they feel confident in dealing with various situations in life. By doing so, it will enhance their personality development as well as their knowledge.

Gift of Quality Time:

Sometimes, expensive gifts are not what a child wants; giving time would make them feel important in the parent’s eyes. Children won’t recall enormously expensive gifts; instead, they would cherish the day their parents spend with them. 

There’s a saying, “the best present a parent can give to the child is being present.”

It is a fact that children love new toys. They love Christmas and birthdays because of the multitude of gifts they receive. At first, presents may seem like a great way to win your child’s love, but they will never take the place of being present. However, the most important gift any child could receive is the continual presence of his parents in his life. As a parent, giving your time, energy, and love to your child is one of the most important things you can do. Children grow up too quickly. Make the time with your kids’ count, especially since there is precious little of it, and stay focused on what matters most, them!

Gift of Freedom:

Sometimes we as parents do not realize that we are overprotecting our children. Giving them the freedom to think and explore, can be very difficult for a parent to do, but it is in their best interest to do so. While it is not easy to let go, it is essential to keep trying.

Prepare your child to face the future. Don’t compare them to their friends or siblings. Instead, help them understand that failure is part and parcel of life and what is more important is to learn from their mistakes and bounce back.  

Gift of Wings:

Finding a way to give our kids both roots to keep them grounded and wings to soar is possibly the best gift we parents can ever give.

Finding the balance between boundaries and freedom is the key to raise strong kids who will thrive no matter what. Too often today, parents focus only on the roots and don’t give children the wings they need to grow to become balanced, thoughtful adults willing to take risks and do things outside their comfort zone.

“Our kids are beautiful flowers. Give them right environment to Bloom.” – Jyoti Singh.

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Mrs. Jyoti Singh is a certified Parenting Coach on a mission to empower 1,00,000 New Moms & Parents to raise their children with deep love and the best intentions by making them mindful of their parenting role. She is proudly serving society, enabling parents to be effective in their role. She helps them to overcome parental anxieties, insecurities, ensuring it becomes more accessible & more rewarding. Her passion to uplift, encourage, and spread positively leads her to start the YouTube channel ‘Mind Tricks by Jyoti’. Her channel is all about Parenting, Memorization Techniques, Motivation & Lifestyle.

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