“Confusion to Clarity,”

Marothia English Medium School, Gujarat.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” B.B. King

On August 31, 2023, I conducted a Motivational talk, “Confusion to Clarity,” for Marothia English Medium SchoolÉnglish Mèdiúm Sçhóòl Vapi. The entire talk was blended with stories and experiments. It brought me joy to see the students’ excitement and their self introspection of their life.

I am grateful to Padma Menon Ma’am for arranging the session and working towards students’ wellbeing.

Light, Camera Action

GIDC Rajju Shroff Rofel Institute of Management Studies,Vapi

You are the creator of your own destiny. – Swami Vivekanand.

It was such a wonderful day to connect with the students of @Rofel BBA BCA college Vapi. The entire session Light, Camera Action was designed for the students to take charge of their lives. Enlightening them to be the hero of their life and never play the role of victim hood. Students also enjoyed the stories which gave them life lessons about valuing time, goal setting and how our positive mindset help us to flourish in life.

My special gratitude to Dr. Ved, principal of Rofel college and the entire team for their support and trust. Lastly, I’m thankful to Universe for blessing me with opportunities.

Chak De!

Marothia English Medium School, Gujarat.

“When we build the students we build the nation”.

I was elated to connect with young minds and addressed their queries regarding learning and habits.

Post session, I was touched to see one of the girl who came for an autograph, she had made notes of my talk. I’m so happy to see how students are evolving and implementing learnings in their life. I’m grateful to the Universe for always blessing me!

Ek Nai Soch and Udaan

Jyoti Vidyapeeth Sr. Sec. School, Bagar

“Our Students Are Our Future”

On April 15, 20233 I conducted 2 workshops at our family trust school. I had the opportunity to connect with students in classes 8, 9 and 11 and tell them about the realities of life in the program called #Uddan. After that, I got in contact with the students of the 10th and 12th classes and I had a #EkNaiSoch story session for them. I was really moved by Chiranji Lal Saini Sir for his emotional vote of thanks. My special gratitude to Principal Ma’am and all the staff of Jyoti Vidyapeeth SR SEC School Bagar, I appreciate your efforts to guide the students on the right path. The school is playing a crucial role in their lives, and I thank you for that. Keep up the excellent work.

We as educators must ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to explore and discover their passions. By supporting our students as they set their own learning goals, engage in more self-driven learning experiences and to self-assess, we shall provide them with a solid foundation, self esteem and diverse skill set so they will be successful in the future. 🌍

Udaan (Taiyaari Jeet Ki)

St. Anthony Secondary School, Faridabad

“If you really want to change the world you have to inspire young people. That’s how you change the world”. – Joe Rogan

St. Anthony Secondary School, arranged an orientation for the IX-X classes on 8th December 2022. I had the privilege of connecting with the youthful spirit, addressing their challenges and inspiring them under the series – Udaan (Taiyaari Jeet Ki). It started with an icebreaking activity. The main focus was to impart ‘Self Discipline, Self Esteem ,Positive Mindset, time value, avoiding Digital Distraction and 3 steps to success’. The children were also taught about CSR Model (Communication, Self Discipline and Respect) and how positive thinking, learning attitude will help them to improve their confidence level and grow up as a successful individual.

Special thanks to Principal Ma’am, Coordinator Ma’am, teachers for this wonderful opportunity and their precious time. I’m proud to be a part of shaping young minds.

Udaan & Power of Words

Marothia English Medium School, Vapi

“Follow your dream. Take one step at a time and don’t settle for less, Just continue to climb.” – Amanda Bradley.

I strongly feel that our students have immense potential and knowledge but what they lack is Courage. I wanted to uplift them and overcome their fears and have self-confidence.

Recently, I’ve conducted a motivational talk – UDAAN for grade 10th, 11th, and 12th students ( total – 330 students), and a parenting talk – POWER OF WORDS for their parents.

It was an incredible experience to empower students and help parents to build strong roots with their kids. After my session, a few students came to me and said, “Ma’am ENGLISH bolne mein confidence nahi aata” (Ma’am we don’t feel confident to speak in English) I smiled and said, ” Even I was feeling the same when I was of your age. So don’t worry. These fears are temporary just don’t make them permanent. All you have to do is Learn and Practice the language daily. Within a few months, you can see the transformation in yourself.”

As the statement says “Children are the future of the nation”. If we train young bodies at the right age and time, our children will help us in building a strong nation that knows their values, culture, and language. It excites them that they are part of society and change starts with them. So, friends just keep going and see the magic.

Trust Your Wings (Never Give Up)

Jyoti Vidyapeeth Sr. Sec. School, Bagar

I conducted an offline seminar for the students on 2nd April at my native place Rajasthan. The topic for the student was “Trust your wings”. This was the motivational talk for the students regarding overcoming fear and how to stay focused on their goals. I’m also thankful to Chiranji Lal Saini Sir for giving me the opportunity to share my learning with the school. I was pleased to see the love and the Josh of the students. While taking the pictures with the students, a girl walked at me and asked me, ” Ma’am aap phir kab aaoge?” At that moment, I realized that small-town students need encouragement and push in their life. Our students have potential, but somewhere they lack clarity and courage. I’ll give my best to empower students & give them wings to fly because every child is a blessing from God.

Jai Hind!

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