“Emotions are indicators of how safe, stable, and secure we feel,” says Manly.
“They’re of great value in that, when we attend to them and use them wisely, we’re
able to assess how a situation is affecting us and then make necessary shifts to
ensure our needs are met.”

Positive feelings like joy and excitement are universally accepted because they
make us feel good and satisfied. Acknowledging and accepting negative feelings is
quite hard, as it requires lots of courage.

We often discourage ourselves from experiencing our so-called “negative”
emotions because we want to look strong enough and courageous in front of
our families and society.  This finally resulted in the piling up of heavy emotions
in our hearts.

Two days back, I was upset and worried about certain situations. I was drained
emotionally. My spouse calmed me and assured me everything would be OK. I
regained my confidence and decided to do some meditation and breathing
exercises to calm my mind.

As I put on the headphones and played the meditation music, within no time, tears
started rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t know what was happening, but I felt so
lighter when I poured out my emotions, and I was glad to reconnect my emotional
wire and be happy again.

I also practiced some affirmations and thanked the Universe for each blessing in
my life. When I connected with my negative emotion, it helped me to heal faster. 

A lot of people hold back when it comes to expressing their emotions because
they’re afraid of facing them. But just because you’re feeling sad right now,
doesn’t mean that you’re a sad person living a sad life, or that you’ll always be sad.

It just means you’re human experiencing emotions.
Are you stuffing down your emotions or allowing them to flow freely? Leave a
comment below.

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