Don’t let your kids get trapped under Googling Mindset.

Children are great observers. They might not always listen but they always observe.

I’m going to share a few of our experiences, how we used ‘Google’ in our day-to-day life, and our little one was observing us very closely.

Experience #1

Last year, we planned a road trip to my hometown. It was our first road trip from North to West side of India and we had used GOOGLE MAP for navigation.

The entire journey, my little one was so curious to see how GOOGLE MAP is assisting us in choosing the best route. He named the app “GOOGLE AUNTY” and started imitating by speaking that Google Aunty is asking us to take Left on NH No -48. It was his adventurous road trip with Google Aunty.

Experience #2

Once I searched for a Cake recipe on GOOGLE, he came to me and started peeping into my phone. On enquiring, I told him that I’m looking for some cake recipes for his birthday. He asked me, ‘Mumma! Google has so many recipes.’ I replied Yes, we could
find a wide variety over here.

Experience #3

As summers had just started, we were verifying the cooling of our AC. The remote of the AC was not functioning properly. My husband and I started a discussion about what could have gone wrong with the remote? Within a fraction of a second, our
little one came up with the solution, “Mummy Papa, don’t worry, we
can check with Google Aunty.”

We both were amazed to hear his reply. After all those incidences, we explained to him:  “Son, we do not need Google assistance for every issue.”

We showed him the AC instruction manual and explained to him that we can get guidance from these manuals and helpline numbers. He was contented to look at the manual and said, “I thought Google Aunty has all the answers.”

We all laughed and asked him, “Does Google Aunty know where you can find your lost toy?”  

Somehow my little one got this notion that Google Aunty has all the answers to life.

That night my husband and I realized that Parents play an essential role in the development of MINDSET in their children. 

We need to create a culture of Growth Mindset in our home, by engaging children in our conversations and by spending Quality Time with them.

Every child deserves to grow up in a nurturing and loving family so they can reach their full potential.

Here are 5 Mindful practices which Parents can follow while raising their kids –

1. We have to use our words wisely while communicating with our kids: Kids catch our vocab and words very quickly, so try to be mindful while communicating with kids or anyone around you,because they are great observers and imitators.

2. Know your kid’s mindset because they might develop some false belief via different sources: Teaching your child that it is okay to make mistakes will free your child up to try a new challenge. If your child is stuck with an issue, help them brainstorm what else they can solve their problem or complete their work. Try asking them what other resources they have to check for more info, such as different places in their textbook, online websites etc.

3. Please talk with your child so that they can share their feelings and thoughts with you: Turn off phones, computers, and televisions when you and your child are communicating. This shows that you’re entirely focused on the interaction or conversation.

4. Create a healthy learning environment for your kids: For toddlers, a valuable learning space is rich in books (storybooks, audiobooks, etc.) and educational toys (for structured and unstructured play; wooden puzzles, kitchen sets, etc.). They love to explore and learn.

 5. Be a role model for your kids: Your child learns how to communicate by overseeing you. When you talk with your child (and others) respectfully, this gives a powerful message about positive communication.

“Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.”

– Native American proverb

Talk to your child because it is important to understand their understanding.

– Jyoti Singh

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Mrs. Jyoti Singh is a certified Parenting Coach on a mission to empower 1,00,000 New Moms & Parents to raise their children with deep Love and the best of intentions by making them mindful of their parenting role.

She is proudly serving society, enabling parents to be effective in their role. She helps them to overcome parental anxieties, insecurities, ensuring it becomes more accessible & more rewarding. Her passion to uplift, encourage, and spread positively leads her to start the YouTube channel ‘Mind Tricks by Jyoti’. Her channel is all about Parenting, Memorization Techniques, Motivation & Lifestyle.

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